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Getting Ownership/Title for a Motorcycle

  • 15 Nov 2018 11:09 AM
    Reply # 6905918 on 5299871

    Read  the first paragraph of MIKE White's reply .

  • 15 Nov 2018 11:19 AM
    Reply # 6905941 on 6307339
    Michael wrote:

     Ive Been through this process a few time,s each with luck  and given the understanding the least paperwork you confront any government office the better for their minds to understand  leading to confusion . 

     However I Would Like to Buy a 30,s bike from Alberta , It was Bought over from UK Few Years ago  , the present owner has,nt yet registered a title but has the Landed Certificate from Customs all Legal etc duty paid I guess ? 

    Question === Has any one here have experience of " importing " from another Province  and getting a title  ? It does need some work  , but here the " Restoration " Remark needs To be  Stressed  NOT REBUIDING  or you will have problem with Branding and not having the Manufacturer,s name on Ownership but  RBT !

     Thank you   

    MIKE  ... KEEP it SIMPLE ...Like U say > easier for MTO to deal with.

    >Have someone from ONTARIO buy it ...

    > You buy it from the ONTARIO person ...

    >Swear the affidavit ...

    >Show the RECEIPT you got from the ONTARIO person ...

    *** forget all the other paperwork ...Do mot mention or show it ....

  • 15 Nov 2018 11:25 AM
    Reply # 6905946 on 5299871

    ***  FOLLOW  THE GUIDE at the beginning of this blog  ***

    ***  NOTE > To find out if a bike is registered/ in the ststem ...Just go to SERVICE ONTARIO with the " VIN"  & ask for an  " INFO PACK" , which will cost you $20  IF there is any INFO ...IF they can NOT give you an INFO PACK , then it is NOT in the system / NOT REGISTERED ...THEN a simple affidavit will get you an ownership  

     READ the other comments  to learn from their experience ...BUT follow the initial SIMPLE  guide lines  in the first blog  ...

    Last modified: 18 Nov 2018 11:30 PM | George
  • 18 Nov 2018 7:39 PM
    Reply # 6913241 on 5299871

    I agree with George - YOU MUST keep it as simple as possible. If you are fairly certain the bike won't be in the Ontario MOT computer system, then DON'T BRING PAPERWORK! You need the bike info (vin, serial number, make/model/year/mileage ONLY) and yourself. You can swear out an affadavit at some MOT offices (call and ask if you can do this at your local office, they need someone who is trained for this) and the affadavit is used to generate a new ownership on the spot with you as the one and only (ever!) owner.

    DO NOT BRING ANYTHING ELSE! Keep your records of import/out of province ownership/bill of sale or whatever safely locked in a box at home. They will only confuse and derail the ownership process. You can be done and walk out with your new ownership in minutes, or you can screw up and possibly need to bring your bike to the border within 72 hours for export or destruction! If you show papers that indicate that you brought the bike in to Canada without going through proper channels (or tell them!) and Customs gets wind of it, you can be ordered to export the bike immediately or destroy it. So, don't. Once you have that new ownership you are in the clear forever.

    *This information is for educational purposes only!*

  • 24 Dec 2018 6:10 PM
    Reply # 6971611 on 5716051
    Deleted user
    Kelly wrote:

    Does this apply to bikes purchased in the U.S. that have no "title" and brought back to Canada?  

    And, can one get a bike over the border if it doesn't have a title or ownership documents?

    Looks impossible to get a bike over the border without title.  First, the Americans want 72 hours notice that you’ll be taking it across, they need to see title, they stamp it and you have to show the stamped title to the Canadian side before they let it in.  If any body knows a way to do without title I’d sure like to know.

  • 25 Dec 2018 1:21 PM
    Reply # 6972046 on 5299871

    I have brought several across from the US without titles. I declared them as motorcycle parts and paid my taxes on them and away I went. What happens after that is up to you and depends on what procedures are used in your province to get a legitimate ownership.

    When the customs officers examined the cargo, they did ask about the title but I explained that there wasn't one and that it was to be used as parts only. That seemed to be acceptable to them. You can call Canada Customs at your crossing of choice and seek their opinion as well.

    The lack of a title means that you do not go through the export process on the US side and since its for parts only, the RIV process doesn't apply either. One issue that can't be overcome is the fact that the bike may still be in the US system somewhere and since it was not exported properly, it cannot be brought back into the US without risk.

    I had this explained to me by a very nice US customs officer who was in a chatty mood. She stated that if I was pulled over in the US for a traffic stop and they did a VIN search and found conflicting information as to who owned it, the bike would be seized and probably destroyed.

    Last modified: 25 Dec 2018 1:33 PM | Henry
  • 01 Jan 2019 7:15 PM
    Reply # 6979256 on 6972046
    Henry wrote:

    I have brought several across from the US without titles. I declared them as motorcycle parts and paid my taxes on them and away I went. What happens after that is up to you and depends on what procedures are used in your province to get a legitimate ownership.


    I have imported three vehicles from Florida over the last ten years. Each time I notify the US Customs in advance sending all the documentation they require, never  problem.      The last time I came through I missed the US Customs drive through and found myself at the Canada Customs booth, I was stressed to say the least. Seeing this the customs officer calmed me down by assuring me it was not a problem, they would let me return to submit my paperwork after I finished the Canadian paperwork (and of course paid my dues).       So into the office I went, declared the vehicle, paid the GST and transfer fee. I then asked to be let back into the Sates to finish my paper work with them. His reply was "I'll let you in through the "U" turn barrier but I didn't have too as there was nothing to pay, just an entry in their log". I did how ever return and after a great deal of convincing them that I missed their drive they finally filed the info. on my vehicle, just an entry.                                     If I hadn't?? I don't know if it would have bit me later but as a Snow Bird, I didn't want to take a chance...
  • 05 Jan 2019 11:03 AM
    Reply # 6984660 on 5299871

    I too have brought a few bikes over the Border from the US in the last few years since the rules I'm told changed. US wanted an ITN number to show on their side. I had the bill of sale and sent that to an online broker. Around $70 if I remember. One I scanned the bill of sale and filled out a form I had the ITN number emailed to me within minutes. Then i sent the number to my border crossing 72 hours in advance. i arrived with the bike and all the US customs cared about was ..did I have an ITN number. yes here it is. I waited 10 minutes while he did something and he came back with my paper stamped. the Canadian side asked if I had stopped at the US side..I said yes..would you like to see the our issue just making sure you did the right thing. They just wanted to see the Bill of sale. calculate in Canadian dollars and collect 5% GST. ONline broker..took 15 minutes...US customs..took 15 minutes... Canadian customs, showing paperwork and filling out a form which by the way they walked me through..20 to 30 minutes. At no time did either side come out and look at the bike. They did the time before however. I found the whole thing painless and not that hard. Also made me feel good it was all done legal and in accordance with the law. I can ride the 43 WLC sidecar outfit with out fear. This was the sidecar outfit featured in the November CVMG magazine

  • 18 Jan 2019 5:01 PM
    Reply # 7009268 on 5299871
    Deleted user

     Also Don't say will be REBUILT    ! Or if in may case never obtained the make on Title but RBT !  Its Restored or will be !!!  affidavit from any Town Hall for Nothing say what you want and get it stamped   Don't Say too much to Confuse the Des person , Sweet and Simple  act Dumb if not already ;-))

  • 11 Jul 2019 12:17 PM
    Reply # 7775489 on 5299871

    One thing I will add here.  make sure that YOUR full address (the buyer) is on the affidavit.  Otherwise they will reject you.  It is on their checklist at the counter.  I had a freshly commissioned document that was perfect except the missing FULL address.  I am now out $40.00 and have to get it redone.  Unfortunately there was no one on site who could witness an amendment. 

    Last modified: 11 Jul 2019 12:18 PM | Jon

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The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) is a not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting the use, restoration and interest in older motorcycles and those of historic interest.

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