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                             Mission Statement

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group is a not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting the use, restoration & interest in older motorcycles & those of historic interest.


Members of the Sarnia Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group meet-up on the 1st. Monday of the month

@ 7.00 pm. at the Point Edward Service Club

 503 Michigan Ave. in Point Edward.

                 Visitors ALWAYS Welcome..  .  .  .  .


and sometimes meet elsewhere . .


A Bit of our History

Sarnia is one of the older sections of the CVMG, dating back to 1980.

Both Don Archer (Spike) and Grant Temple were members of the CVMG and wanted to start a chapter in Sarnia. They put fliers up at Dave Reiley’s and Ray Quinn's bike shops, placed some ads in the free section of place mats in local restaurants, ads in the Journal as well as word of mouth This would have been in the very late 70s. 

The first meeting was at the Ups and Downs restaurant upstairs and about 40 people showed up. For the first couple of years our meetings were held on Proctor St. in the basement of Don Archer's home with a usual attendance of up to 20 guys.

We held our first Sarnia rally about 3 years later at Camp Saradaca in 1983 see photo of the Rally program booklet. Photo 2 shows an awards plaque made by Grant Temple for the 1986 Rally. When we were younger and healthier we entered Labour Day Parade float as well as the Annual Christmas parades with motorcycles riding around a flat-bed trailer holding about 20 bikes and Mall shows at the Lambton Mall (until insurance prices got out of hand). We attended rallies and camp-outs en masse for companionship, drinking and story telling, it was a good time back in “those good old days"



           Our Contacts:

  President: Mark Moore



                                                             Events Co-originator


                                                                 Secretary: Steve Field



                                                          Treasurer: Larry Gagnon



                                                                   Website moderator:

                                                     Jerry Baljeu; jbaljeu@teksavvy.com




Our Socials and Events:

This year we will be organizing two major events.

Sunday May 17: “Vintage & Fries” under the Bridges.

 Enjoy the Worlds Best French Fries while checking out the

 Vintage and Classic Motorcycles on display from 11.00 until 2 pm.

Sunday June 7: “11th. Annual Bayfield Old Bike Day”

 Enjoy the sights & sounds of one of Ontario’s prettiest villages.

 Have lunch in one of the many restaurants and display your

 bikes in front and near The Albion Hotel on Main Street.

 From 11 am until around 2 pm.



Join us for “Breakfast at the Leaky Tank” on the first

 Wednesday of each Summer Month starting in May.

This years dates:

May 6, June 3, July 1,

August 5 and September 2. 



We also do "Mid-Saturday of the Month” lunches at

 various locations, followed by a short bike ride.


Here is a short list of our scheduled Local Summer Events:

Saturday April 18: Meet for lunch at the Reeces Corners Airport Restaurant @ 12.30.

Wednesday May 6: Breakfast at the Leaky Tank, #40 Highway, Sarnia. 10.00 am

Saturday May 23: Meet for lunch at Ozweld,s Diner, Plank Road, Sarnia. @ 12.30.

Wednesday June 3: Breakfast at the Leaky Tank, Sarnia. 10.00 am.

Saturday June 13: Meet for lunch at the Yellow Fry-Truck under the Bluewater Bridges @ 12.30.

Wednesday July 1: CANADA Day Breakfast at the Leaky Tank, Sarnia @ 10.00.

Saturday July 18: Lunch at The Burger Rebellion, by the Clock-Tower in Corunna @ 12.30.

Wednesday August 5: Breakfast at the Leaky Tank, Sarnia @ 10.00 am

Saturday August 15: Lunch at Christo's in Brights Grove @ 12.30.

Wednesday September 2: Breakfast at the Leaky Tank @ 10.00 


Sunday September 27 will have many of our members attend the "Distinguished Gentleman's Ride" in London in support of Prostate awareness and Men's Mental Health Research.


And you can always follow us on our Facebook Page

 for all the latest updates:





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