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Are you planning to sell something at the Rally?


The following information is for you

If you are planning to sell something at the Rally, you will need to register as a camper.  There is no additional cost, to be a vendor.

Anyone who registers for the Rally can bring in bikes, parts, books or other bike related items to sell or swap at the Rally.

Vendors can sell items in the Flea Market area of the Rally, starting at noon Friday.  Vendors can continue to sell until noon Sunday.  Click here to see the Flea Market area of the Rally site.

Pre-registered vendors can enter the Rally site starting at 9AM Friday.  Arrival before 9AM Friday means you will be cleared to enter starting at 9AM.  Click here to pre-register online.  Before May 1, you can also pre-register by mailing in the pre-registration form available here.  If registering by mail, we need to receive the paper form and payment before May 1.

On-site registration opens at noon Friday.  Vendors who have not pre-registered can enter the Rally site once registered after noon Friday.

Everyone in the vendor's party needs to be registered and wear a wristband in order to enter. If your helpers are staying off site then they can come in for the day by paying the day visitor gate fee each day they work.  The day visitor gate opens Friday at 12noon and Saturday 8am.

Day visitors must leave the site each evening. They cannot drive vehicles on the Rally site. Please refer to the Rally Schedule for specific times.

Vendor spaces are located outdoors and are first-come, first-serve.  There are no reserved spaces.

There are a limited number of indoor vendor spaces located in the Vendor Building.  There is an additional cost for these spaces and vendors must be pre-registered to qualify.  Contact Mike Partridge by emailing, calling 519-227-4923 or use the paper Rally pre-registration form available here.  Note that we need to receive the paper form, plus payment, before May 1.

Food sales are restricted to the pre-approved food vendors on site.  For further information on becoming a food vendor, please contact

Any other questions regarding selling of any kind, please email 

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