This is home of all the CVMG forums and BLOG's, including the 'General Forum', the 'Members Only Blog' and also any special interest group forums which eventually get started, the first of which is the 'Side Cars' forum.

Expect to see additions over the next several months, and if you have feedback or a specific request, then please contact the Webadmins.

Things to be aware of:

  • No businesses may advertise in these forums.  If you are a store, business, or organization interested in advertising with the CVMG, please contact our Newsletter editor.
  • Only CVMG members in good standing can create topics and write comments. The Public can read them.
  • Obviously you must be a CVMG member and logged into the site to be able to see any of the member only features
  • Please avoid personal insults, profanity, slander etc.
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