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cvmg privacy statement

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG, us, we) respects the privacy of both members and visitors to our website (you, your) and is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information.

CVMG is organized into sections. Each section maintains information about its members. Any information is subject to all provisions of this Privacy Statement.

This Privacy Statement applies to CVMG’s printed material and digital services, including those created and maintained by sections of the CVMG. It does not apply to social media sites associated with CVMG or its sections. These sites have their own privacy statements. We recommend that you review each website's privacy practices and make your own conclusions regarding the adequacy of these practices.

Our digital services provider, Personify Wild Apricot, may also collect and use your information (e.g. cookies, IP addresses, financial information), so this Privacy Statement should be read in conjunction with Wild Apricot’s, available here.

The CVMG collects personal information solely for the purposes of administering the CVMG and serving the needs of its members and the general public. We will never knowingly sell, trade, rent or give your information to any other individual, organization or company without your consent.

When you apply for membership in the CVMG, you must provide us with your name, telephone number and mailing address. To receive digital communications, you need to provide us with an email address. You may optionally provide additional information to complete your profile such as names of your Associate Members (which may include names of minors), motorcycles owned, executive positions held, businesses owned and services you are prepared to offer. You can control each piece of information you share with other members and non-members in both digital and print forms. You can view or change information in your profile at any time, or you can request us to send you a copy of your information or change it on your behalf. If you terminate your membership with us, you may direct us to delete all your personal information, except for instances that appear in printed material or are held in system backups or as required by law for corporate records. Otherwise, your information will be retained indefinitely. We also collect contact information such as name, email address and telephone number for non-members who register for our events or participate in our public forums.

We may use information you provide for analytic purposes. If used, your information will not be identified with one individual, whether directly or by specificity of the query but will be used in aggregated statistics for purposes of CVMG operations.

Members' addresses are used for mailing of printed publications. To this end, the CVMG works with a mail distribution house that has signed a confidentiality agreement ensuring that your personal information is protected. The CVMG cannot, however, guarantee that information published in the CVMG News and printed materials will remain confidential to only members of the CVMG as we cannot accept responsibility for the actions of all our members. For this reason, we will publish only information which our members have given us permission to publish.

Our website collects personal financial information when you pay for items such as membership dues or event registrations. This information is passed to Personify Wild Apricot and its financial processor and is never stored by us.

Our website has areas that require members to login to obtain access. It is the expectation of the CVMG that your password and any information provided to members will not be shared with anyone. Upon termination of membership to the CVMG, login access to members-only information will be removed.

We protect your information in at least the following ways;

  • We provide secure sign-ins for members. This limits who can view any information you have chosen to share.

  • All files on our website are secured by our hosting provider.

  • You may wish to provide your member information via mail or telephone. You can do this by contacting the Membership Secretary at the address shown here. We will still keep your member information on the online membership database attached to our website.

  • Our entire website has an SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)level of security, which limits access to those with valid security credentials

This Privacy Statement was last revised on January 5, 2022. We may change this Privacy Statement at any time and for any reason.

If we make a significant change to this Privacy Statement, we will post a notice on the homepage of our web site for a period of time after the change is made.

The CVMG website may contain links to other web sites. Some of those websites may be operated by third parties. We provide the links for your convenience, but we do not review, control, or monitor the privacy practices of websites operated by others.

We are not responsible for the performance of websites operated by third parties or for your business dealings with them. Therefore, whenever you leave this website we recommend that you review each website's privacy practices and make your own conclusions regarding the adequacy of these practices.

If you have questions about anything in this statement, please contact our Vice President at or by phone at 204-898-2113 (leave a message as this is a volunteer's phone number).

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) is a not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting the use, restoration and interest in older motorcycles and those of historic interest.

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