Ontario BSA Owners - Special Interest Group



About Ontario BSA Owners

Ontario BSA Owners has been an active 'special interest group' within the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle
Group (CVMG) since 2006. Only CVMG members are permitted to join Ontario BSA Owners. 

Ontario BSA Owners is a recognized BSA Owners group by the BSA Owners Club of the UK.

Ontario BSA Owners activities and events:

  • two annual meetings - spring and fall.    
  • 1 to 3 other events annually e.g., camping weekend, breakfast ride, etc.
  • display BSAs as a group at the CVMG National Rally in Paris Ontario. 
  • attend events as a group e.g., CVMG events and events in the USA for BSA owners.
  • share information about BSAs.   
  • submit articles to CVMG News.
For further information about Ontario BSA Owners, click below to contact Heather and Bill Smith, Co-Secretary/Treasurer for Ontario BSA Owners. 

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