History Tours

                         History Tours explained

  • For CVMG members in good standing
  • Tour rider must be on a vintage ride
  • Tour must be minimum 50km
  • Tour must incorporate a destination of historical interest
  • Ride can be done individually or part of a group


Completed rides are cumulative for earning credits to redeem for successive commemorative regalia levels:

Level 1: Blue Pin for completion of 3 Tours

Level 2: Red Pin for completion of 10 Tours

Level 3: Green Pin for completion of 25

Participants can claim a maximum of 3 tours each year.

Individual Tours require 10 Rides of 50k or more




                   Observation Ride/History Tour

                                       July 18th

                                    Cherry Valley

                              Prince Edward County

                                The Road to Flinton


                         PEC Cheese factory Tour Part 2


                             The Village name change tour

                1886, Village X was located 11k away from the site we know today


                            Plus 2 more to be announced

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