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The CVMG is a not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting the use, restoration and interest in older motorcycles and those of historic interest.


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If you need info about the closest CVMG Section to you, or who to contact in that Section,
don't hesitate to email Janet Ness, our membership secretary.

You are welcome to attend a monthly meeting as a guest, just to see what we are all about.



Members are encouraged to submit their bikes and stories to be featured in this space.

Our members are always on the hunt for old bikes – machines that have been sitting neglected for years. It’s fun and sometimes a challenge to get ‘em running again. Every member has a story to tell. Here’s one…

Kawasaki introduced a triple cylinder 500cc 2 stroke in 1969. The engine developed an amazing 60 horsepower and was one of the fastest production motorcycles you could buy at the time.

In 1971 after putting the drive chain through the engine case of my 1969 Honda CB 750 sandcast (a common problem back then) I decided it was time for a new bike. Little did anyone realize then that the early 1969 Honda 750's “sandcast models” would be worth what they are now, upwards of $40,000. So off to Firth's on the Danforth in Toronto I went, to trade the bike in on a 1971 Kawasaki 500 triple. I kept this bike for 2 years and drag raced it regularly at Cayuga Dragway. It ran a best time of 12.93 @103.9 mph at Cayuga. The 1971 model was  fastest of the 500 triples. It used a revised cylinder port design over the 1969, ‘70 models, and was pronounced to be the fastest production motorcycle in the world in 1971.

Fast forward 40 years. I had always wanted another 1971 Kawasaki 500, and in 2013 I was lucky enough to find this bike in Chicago. The bike is a rare survivor. Cosmetically it is all original...original paint, exhaust system, gauges, carbs, cables, rims, seat foam/cover, handlebar  grips, shocks, front end, fenders and mirrors. I did have to rebuild the engine with first oversize pistons, new seals/crank bearings.

Two years ago a gentleman approached me at the Paris Rally and provided me an original 1971 Kawasaki 500 sales brochure. Turns out he was the Kawasaki dealer in Brantford and had a bunch of brochures left over from back in the day. Needless to say I was excited to have it. I proudly display the brochure with the current bike at shows. Along with the brochure I also display my original 12.93 time slip from Cayuga which I’ve kept all these years. This bike brings back lots of great memories for me and also represents a great era of motorcycle history.

 Brian Bly

Past and Present. The Connection.

In 1967 I purchased my first 2 stroke motorcycle...a 1966 Yamaha 250 Catalina model. The 250 Yamaha was one of the first Japanese 'sport models' to be introduced along with the Suzuki X6 Hustler.

The engine developed 28 horsepower and was one of the first 2 stroke engines to utilize an oil reservoir and oil injection pump therefore eliminating the need and hassle of pre-mixing 2 stroke oil with the gasoline. This practice had dire consequences for the engine if not done accurately.

The Yamaha 250 was available in two models...the Catalina (low mounted exhaust pipes) and the rarer Big Bear Scrambler (high mounted exhaust pipes). I promised myself that one day I would own a Big Bear. Fast forward to 2016. I saw an ad for a basket case 1966 Big Bear for sale in St. Catharines, Ontario. It was very rough and was missing about 50% of the parts. The engine was scattered about in 7 boxes with miscellaneous other stuff. Knowing how rare this bike was I decided to purchase it and try to bring it back from the dead.

With the help of eBay and purchases from literally around the world I began the restoration process. For example, I needed an ignition switch. One was found in London, England. A front fender was also required. One was found in Malaysia. I sourced a rear brake cable (very unique design and rare) in Japan, new seat cover and foam in Nebraska, a suitable carburetor air box in Texas, new oversize pistons/rings in New York, new side cover in California, etc.

In total I made at least 30 separate eBay purchases over the 2 years it took to gather up the needed parts. I then proceeded with the restoration. First the frame and some other small parts were powder coated. Next, by far the single most expensive outlay in the restoration was chrome plating. In hindsight if I had known how expensive chrome plating was going to be, I would not have purchased the bike. Also finding a shop that would re-plate a 2 stroke exhaust system was also a major hurdle. Many shops will not re-plate these due to the oil contamination that will occur to their solution tanks. Fortunately, Cambridge Chrome (Cambridge, Ontario) agreed to do my exhaust. A valuable lesson for would be restorers...budget yourself lots of $$ for plating.

On a positive note, the bike did come with an NOS fuel tank in perfect condition. The remaining tin work on the bike was expertly matched/re-painted by John Connery (Connery Custom Paint) in Markham/Scarborough, Ontario. After rebuilding the engine (pistons, bearings, seals) I discovered that the clutch would not disengage. After multiple teardowns and re-assemblies of the engine, thorough reviews of the shop and parts manual and ultimately installation of new clutch friction material, I discovered that a major thrust washer was missing when I bought the bike. Thanks again to eBay I found the missing part, and the rest as they say is history. I debuted the bike at the 2017 Paris Rally. 

Brian Bly

Golden Horseshoe Section of the CVMG

Why become a CVMG member?

You don’t need to own an old, vintage, antique or even a motorcycle of any kind to be a member of our group. Any motorcycle enthusiast is welcome into our group. We cater to enthusiasts of all ages, who enjoy the camaraderie and fun of participating in our activities, from the monthly Section meetings, group rides, weekly breakfasts, coffee nights, and section rallies, to our flagship event at the National Paris Rally in Paris, Ontario.

Our group publishes an amazing monthly Newsletter, both printed and online, full of tech articles, news, and classifieds.

We participate in annual motorcycle trade displays, hold annual flea markets, and participate in charity runs and displays.

Our Roster and Buy & Sell classifieds are an invaluable source of information, parts and supplies for your own bike project.

The CVMG is  run by volunteers, and it's a not-for-profit organization. Our yearly fee is just $40 for a full membership and $5 for an associate member (another family member).

You can start by attending a monthly section meeting as a guest to find out what we are all about.

Contact our National Secretary:, and he/she will put you in contact with the Section nearest to you.

Come and join us!

Daniel Klestorny,


2021 Virtual Classic Motorcycle Show

The cancellation of the Canadian circuit of winter motorcycle shows has been a disappointment. Many of our CVMG members enjoy a break in the usually monotonous winter by a visit to look at the new motorcycles – and some of the not this old ones in the local CVMG sections displays – and socialize with fellow riders. But not this year.

A few of us were lamenting the enforced “hibernation” ahead, caused by the necessary COVID-19 restrictions, when the idea arose that if we could have the 2020 CVMG Annual Meeting by means of the Internet connection, could we not have some sort of CVMG “virtual” show on the club's website? It would not, of course, allow us to socialize directly with one another, but perhaps we could enjoy simply looking at a display of Vintage and Classic motorcycles?

Many years ago the CVMG Museum project had a small on-line gallery of “Motorcycles before the year 1900” on the CVMG web site. So, beginning from that still-available information, here is a start on a “Virtual Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Show” for this Winter of 2020-2021.

Photos and descriptions courtesy Allan Johnson.



Next National Executive Meeting to be held via ZOOM on Sunday, March 14th at 8:30 p.m. EST.

Next Annual Members' Meeting to be held via ZOOM on Saturday, June 26th.


It has been decided that we will not be opening Rally registration until April 1st 2021. the situation will be reassessed at that time.
We have based this on the logistics for our committee members and the roll out of the Covid vaccine both provincially and nationally.
Those of you who are registered will remain registered.
Should the Rally go forward, this would still allow two months for "Early Registration" discounts.

Stay Safe,
PNR Committee

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The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) is a not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting the use, restoration and interest in older motorcycles and those of historic interest.

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