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                                                                                               Members Restorations


                                                                                                      Members Recently acquired bikes

                                                                                                                   1967 Honda 175

                                                                                                                   1949 Norton ES2

                                                                                                              1975 Yamaha RS 100


                                   My 31 Ariel

Before                                      October 2017

                                    Saved from the Crusher

As Found                     Restored

            1931 Norton 500 Model 20

                restoration in progress


Just a quick update. Frame is powdered coated,new rings fitted.valves & guides are out being fitted, Original mag has been saved and works great...Gas Tank & oil tank Thanks to Ross Thompson are now ready for chrome.

Tanks are Chromed by Gary's Custom in Ottawa.Body Parts are painted and fitted. Motor installed as gearbox. Sarting to look like a motorcycle again.

May 15th, Wheels have been painted and are original from 1930.New Dunlop tires on, Jockey shift on ,wiring almost done. Renolds primary & rear chains fitted.

Nov 7 ,2019

The only items left are paint work on the oil & Gas tank.

November and the paint work is finished. Out for a test ride and the Norton is running great.

On the road for 2021

                     Mike Moore restored 1970 XLH



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