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London Bike Show February 8 / 10 2013

 Thank you for the support of volunteers Geoff Doherty getting members to commit bikes, Kevin "The Vintage Guy" organizing in the back ground, Doug McKinnon and crew for shifting machines with Ron Wakeling's enclosed trailer our London Section got the job done.

Bill Coulson Dennis Duncan and Kevin "The Vintage Guy" deserve a special mention for the "Suzuki and Honda collection" they assembled. Well done guys!

Our own Bob Buchanan's contribution of two beautiful Triumphs Bob had refurbished were the crown jewels of our display. Well done Bob!

Thank you to all who contributed time, labour, machines and talent to make this event a success.

    London Section Winners in various categories


Mike Partridge 1962 Matchless

Bruce Greeniaus 1956 Jawa 175

Jeff Fligg 1961 BSA Super Rocket

PD Restoration 1942 BSA M20

Geoff Doherty 1957 Royal Enfield

Vintage Asian

Kevin R 1967 Honda CB 450

Gary Price 1976 Kawasaki KZ900

Chris Ryan 1983 Honda CB1100F

Bill Coulson 1964 Suzuki Hillbilly

Dennis Duncan 1964 Suzuki M12


Bob Buchanan 1952 TR5

PD Restoration 1966 Triumph T90

Bob Buchanan 1955 Triumph T100R

Vintage American

Rick Wolf 1927 Cleveland

Louis Bari 1901 E. R. Thomas

Don Nixon 1962 Harley Pan Head

Adam Bari 1912 Harley

Rick Wolf 1907 Marsh Metz


Sandra Carter-Beal 2006 V-Rod Destroyer

Sunny Park 2008 Yamaha R6

Ben Coulson 2004 Scorpa SY250


Three Wheeler

Trapper Cane 2007 Harley Sidecar

Ron Wakeling 2001 Honda Trike

Leon Roose 1989 Honda Trike


Trevor Green 1957 Lambretta TV175

Kevin R "The Vintage Guy" 1965 Honda

Kevin R "The Vintage Guy" 1966 Hond 50


Darryl Skillings 1967 Norton Atlas

Bob Lawson 1969 750 S

Ross Thompson 1960 Norton 99

Special Interest

Mason Britton 1950 CCM Wilson Dart

Vic Smith 1966 Lambretta Nitro

Ben Coulson 1969 Roken Trail-Breaker



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