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Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group

L'Association Canadienne de Motos Anciennes


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Clancy Goodfellow

  • 01 Jun 2023 6:43 PM
    Message # 13209464
    Mark (Administrator)

    Clancy Goodfellow, a longtime member of CVMG's GPR section, died on May 28, 2023.  In motorcycling circles, Clancy was known for his attention to detail and his award-winning Kawasaki which was featured as the marque bike for the 2013 National Rally.

    Clancy's obituary, written by his wife:

    "… And he truly was a good fellow, as all his friends will attest.  From his Cookstown buddies with whom he grew up; to the members of the Great Pine Ridge motorcycle club; to his fellow directors at the Antique and Classic Boat Society; to his colleagues and friends in the trade show and exhibit business from CDA, Worden Watson and Worden Displays, and to his friends and neighbours in Uxbridge, all will remember him for the extraordinary man that he was.

    Meticulous in everything he did, Clancy could repair, modify or improve anything he touched.  His beloved Kawasaki Z1 900, that he bought new in 1975 was the Poster Bike at the Paris show and a Best in Show winner.  His stunning 1955 Red Ford F100 truck, his summer vehicle, also won a Best in Show, as did his “floating violin”, his 1964 Greavette Sunflash mahogany boat that won its category at the ACBS boat show in Gravenhurst.

    He will be remembered for his kindness, his loyalty, his desire for perfection.  He would say “why do anything unless it is done right”.  Handsome and charming he was as beautiful on the inside as he was on the outside.

    A member of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club of Canada, he loved all our dogs over our 40 years of marriage, but especially Mercy, Toby and Muffin.  I jokingly referred to Mercy as “the other woman”.  When his raft overturned in the swirling rapids when white water rafting in South Africa’s Hippo and Crocodile infested Zambezi River, assuming he wouldn’t survive, he told me his first thoughts were: “I thought I’d never see Mercy again”.  Not me, but Mercy!

    Always a man in control of his life, Clancy chose to unburden himself from the devastating cruelty that is ALS.  Thank you, Dr Carlye Jensen, for your compassion.  Donations to the ALS Society for research into this terrible, horrific, incurable disease would be welcome.

    There will be no funeral.  A celebration of his life will be held later in the year when we can remember him with laughter rather than through tears.

    Clancy was pre-deceased by his adoptive parents and adoptive sister Muriel, his mother in law, Ann Macbeth (the entertainer “Queen Anne”), and his brother in law, Douglas Macbeth.

    Leaving to mourn his existence: nephews Doug and Gord Peever in Winnipeg; brother Richard Risk in Halifax; sister-in-law, Linda Lefebvre in Montreal, his circle of close friends; his current pack of beloved Dandie Dinmont Terriers - Muffin, Tribblet and Rufus; and of course, his grieving wife, the writer and international dog judge “Mike” Macbeth, who has lost the love of her life. 

    And if you’ve never felt your soul being torn apart,

    You’ve never loved anyone with all your heart.

    The family has requested no flowers at this time."

     Obituary                             ALS donation

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    Last modified: 05 Jun 2023 5:28 PM | Mark (Administrator)

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) is a not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting the use, restoration and interest in older motorcycles and those of historic interest.

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) is a not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting the use, restoration and interest in older motorcycles and those of historic interest.

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