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C100 identification

  • 03 Dec 2019 10:28 AM
    Message # 8166301

    I just acquired a Honda cub (C100) and I'm trying to identify the year of manufacturing. I emailed David Silver and gave him the VIN (frame number C100-D026634) and the engine number (C100E57199). They were unable to find the year of manufacturing; they only could tell me that the production run was from 1959-67. The bike has the "stubby" little rear light, not the bracket type, which from my research was changed after 62. I hope that someone can help me with this information and what the correct colours were for that bike. Greatly appreciated!


  • 04 Dec 2019 1:12 PM
    Reply # 8176778 on 8166301

    There should be a paper label on the main part of the wiring harness that indicates the date of manufacture.

  • 07 Dec 2019 7:47 PM
    Reply # 8209214 on 8166301

    Thanks, I found it: 1962.

  • 18 Dec 2019 12:52 PM
    Reply # 8318116 on 8166301

    Marc, as far as colours go, I have seen stock C100s in red(most common), blue, black, green, white. Other markets may have received different colours as well. A search on google will give you lots of photos to drool over. Some are even original paint. Be aware that the paint colour fades over time, especially the red, which becomes more orange over time. There parts on the bike where the sun has never touched so you can see the original shade.

    If you need any further info on Cubs, send me an email as I have been into these for a number of years.


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  • 24 Dec 2019 7:33 PM
    Reply # 8379748 on 8166301

    Thanks for the info, John. I just started cleaning up the engine, the head very carbed up. Snapped one cylinder stud just below the bolt (the other bolts removed OK). So I need to split the cases to remove the stud in the left case. So for the left case it's the screws plus a 10mm bolt which seems to engage the gear shifter when I try to unscrew it, so I want to research that first before I continue to put pressure on that 10mm bolt. Anyway, I appreciate your offer to help me out, I will take you up on that if I get stuck. Merry Christmas.


  • 23 Mar 2020 6:06 PM
    Reply # 8850905 on 8166301

    Hello all. I am negotiating on a 60s SuperCub. The Ser# is C100-L #######. I found a website that indicated ‘L” serial numbers bikes are 1964 bikes  

    Anyone know if this is good info. Thx Tony 

  • 24 Mar 2020 9:32 AM
    Reply # 8853560 on 8166301

    Hi Tony,

    I have a serial number chart for the Cubs and that info is correct...1964. That is the build date of the frame. Keep in mind that back then dealers often had left over models so it is not uncommon for a '64 bike to be registered as a '65 or '66 depending on when the bike was sold. This adds to the confusion.



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