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Essex-Kent Section Report of March 2, 2017 Meeting

It was snowing and -1 C Thursday evening but, regardless, some 27 hardy souls trekked to Brews & Cues for our monthly gathering. We had a full schedule. There was an auction: René J. donated a book, BMW. 90 Years; Carl K. donated a cluster of Whitworth wrenches; Cyril B. donated two books: one entitled Triumph T 120. 1959-1975 and the other Big Sid’s Vincati;  and, in addition, Dale P. donated an outdoor/ indoor thermometer and a “2 x 1000” BSA  puzzle. Since my grandchildren love puzzles, I could not pass it up. I have also installed the thermometer and it is jim-dandy.

Our president George J. opened the meeting at 7:05 pm and began by mentioning that Gerry M. has had a heart attack and is the hospital. We all signed a card wishing him a speedy recovery and his good friend Chris C. will be delivering it. Next Jim L. reported that former member David G. had died in early December; he was only 59 years old.

Next, George went down the list of upcoming events which of course includes our weekly Wednesday meeting at 11:00 am at the Tim Horton’s near the Essex by-pass. As well, Dale is organizing two breakfasts: one on Sunday March 12 at the L.A. Grill in La Salle and the other on March 26 at 10:00 am at Heritage Village on the Arner Townline. On March 25-6 the Spring Motorcycle Show takes place at the Toronto International Centre and it also features a swap meet.

Dale P. followed up with an explanation of how proxy votes will work at the Annual Members Meeting of the CVMG, April 8, in Niagara Falls. He also indicated that the proposed Roster is now a “work-in- progress” but the question remains of how to pay for it, especially if members want hard copies. He added that the Essex-Kent section is prospering; we now have 61 members.

Now it was Carl K.’s turn to explain the lay-out for the MOTOEXPO at the Paris Rally. There will be specific areas for British, European, American and Asian bikes in the infield across from the Grandstand. Registration begins at 9:00 and the ballot counting starts  at 3:00. The trophies will be awarded at 4:00 pm. Bikes must be at least 30 years old. There will also be a Concours d’Elegance. For further details, please consult the website. Peter F. made a worthwhile comment; he indicated that if members send him a detailed description of their bike(s), he will create an attractive display sign. Send George J. an e-mail if you wish Peter to make such a sign for you.

Now it was Peter’s turn to launch into an illustrated discussion of “Threaded Fasteners and Non-Permanent Joint Applications to Motorcycles.” It was a long and detailed talk but it was also highly educational for those of us who are not automotive engineers or tech-savvy. George J. followed with an update on his BMW R24 restoration for which he has used several specialists. He indicated who did what to the engine, frame, rims, etc. George will add the names of those persons and companies  to our “Who to consult” list.

Finally, Cyril B. was not in the least discombobulated when he won the 50/50 draw and graciously returned the $30 winnings to the section’s coffers. Thanks Cyril. Our next meeting will take place April 6, 2017.

As ever your humble scribe,

Adrian van den Hoven

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