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Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group

L'Association Canadienne de Motos Anciennes


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Sidecar Count

  • 06 Nov 2019 7:06 PM
    Reply # 8095325 on 4592165

    Just arrived late to the party and read this thread...Have a 1913 Indian and sidecar, 1943 WLC and sidecar in WW2 trim and my 2003 Ultra with sidecar I bought new...Rode a 1936 VL sidecar outfit for over 30 years as well.

  • 29 Nov 2019 10:44 AM
    Reply # 8145944 on 4593669
    Deleted user
    Doug wrote:

    Thanks Doug...thats 2 for Ontario!


    my name is Kevin moody 

    member of eastern shield cvmg

    can be reached at kevinmoody20@

    i am hooking a sidecar to my Honda sabre 1100 this winter.

    i am looking for those all interested in sidecars of any vintage as an interest group as well as sidecar group rides.

    If still interested please contact


  • 15 Jan 2020 2:57 PM
    Reply # 8583446 on 4592165

    Hi Doug

    Down here in the Essex Kent section there are 3 sidecars. Mine is a 2011 Ural.         

  • 20 Mar 2020 9:37 AM
    Reply # 8844783 on 4592165

    I am an a part owner in Poole family collection and we have 4 sidecars on bikes  1925 Henderson Deluxe and sidecar, 1927 Zenith with a swallow commercial sidecar, 1928 Indian scout and sidecar , 1929 Harley Davidson JD and sidecar, we also have a nos Velorex sidecar cerca  1970 waiting mount, and about 3 or 4 more chassis not complete . thanks Ernie 

  • 21 Mar 2020 11:53 AM
    Reply # 8846889 on 4592165
    Deleted user

    Wow... so many times I've lost my replies to fellow forum contributors. Using my Android m aybe the problem.

    Latest read was Earnest..thanks so much for your contribution Earnest. Remember 2008? Filming Amelia? I rode the 1929 Harley DL. Admired your sweet 1928 Henderson.

    Its great to see such interest here.  We have a great Sidecar community.

    Feel free to email me...look me up in the roster.

    Ride safe..we will beat the current crises.

    Doug Smith

    CVMG Ottawa

    Last modified: 21 Mar 2020 1:22 PM | Deleted user
  • 18 May 2020 11:21 PM
    Reply # 8978364 on 4592165

    I'm in BC - 1978 or 79 (honestly can't remember right now) Honda CB400 pulling a home made padded vinyl over plywood chair; suspension build by Barry Bates. 

  • 11 Feb 2021 3:47 PM
    Reply # 10085174 on 4592165
    Doug wrote:Hello.

    Id like to know how many of us in the CVMG has a sidecar. Not  necessary to be vintage cause a new Ural is vintage in my eyes. :-) With this info we can organize for section rallys, outings etc.

    Doug...Ontario East

    Doug: I have a 1976 Velorex Boattail, I purchased restored and mounted to a 2005 Triumph T100 for my daughters wedding. I now use it to haul my grandchildren around. Tons of fun for them and me. 

    Tom...Eastern Shield Section

  • 24 Apr 2021 11:40 PM
    Reply # 10346954 on 4592165

    Hi Doug.

    I'm an infrequent visitor to the CVMG site, so my apologies for the delay. As you can see elsewhere, I own a 2008 URAL Patrol, named "Stormtrooper".  I've been to Whitehorse, Inuvik, Vancouver Island, Flin Flon (well, why not!?!?), the Cypress Hills with it.  

    I hope to get to Tuktoyaktuk once this COVID stuff is over.  I doubt it'll be in 2021, so maybe north of La Ronge, Saskatchewan (as all my trips originate in my hometown of Saskatoon). 

    Cheers, JT

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  • 29 Apr 2021 10:11 AM
    Reply # 10402064 on 4592165

    Hello Doug. I am in Windsor Ontario BMW R 1100RT rig .  Count me in for Sidecar rally's . 

      Erik . 

  • 15 Mar 2022 3:24 PM
    Reply # 12665147 on 4592165
    Deleted user

    Hello all,

    Just mounted a Transmoto to my 1974 cb750. Recent member and now part of Kitchener chapter.

    This is technically my second sidecar setup. My first was a 1984 Kawasaki KZ750 with a homebuilt frame and an aluminum pickup toolbox. I built it about 10 years ago when I didn't have a car and needed the bike to commute through the winter.


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The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) is a not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting the use, restoration and interest in older motorcycles and those of historic interest.

The Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) is a not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting the use, restoration and interest in older motorcycles and those of historic interest.

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