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L'Association Canadienne de Motos Anciennes

GPR Section Meetings

Great Pine Ridge Section holds 9 monthly meetings each year.  There are 2 spacial event meetings each year:

  • the Spring Fling, typically held in April-May, is a good introduction to the riding season.  While still too cold for most riding, it is an opportunity to come out of hibernation and enjoy an evening of entertainment with friends, 
  • The December meeting is reserved for nomination and election of the Section Executive and a pot luck supper in celebration of the festive season.

Locations for the meetings generally follow the locations listed below.  Please see the Calendar of Events for up to date information on the specific date, time and location.

  Location  Minutes 
 January  Highland Creek Legion, Scarborough January 2014
 March  Highland Creek Legion, Scarborough March 2014
 May  Member's home May 2014
 June  Member's home June 2013
 July  Member's home July 2013
 August  Member's home August 2013
 September  Famous Sam's, Gormley September 2013
October  Highland Creek Legion, Scarborough October 2013
 December  Highland Creek Legion, Scarborough  Dec 2013


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