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As is now customary, local enthusiasts of vintage motorcycles descend on the first Thursday of the month at the Windsor Brews and Cues sport pub for 7 p.m. to share their enthusiasm for old machines – November 5, 2015 being no exception. Twenty-three members and associates attended and, due to the unseasonably balmy weather, four arrived on bikes. Seeing as I was chowing down on a late order of wings, Dale rotated the order beginning with new business. Bob Bourdeau was welcomed as a new member and was one of the riders on his modern Beemer (but a K75 is in the being renewed). The section’s executive will remain the same but for the Secretary (as I’ve been scribbling now for almost two decades and worn out my fingers). Adrian van den Hoven has stepped up to become the section’s new scribe. Our Sunday section breakfasts continue apace meeting at the jump-off point at 9 a.m. at the Essex Bypass Tim Horton’s on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th, weather permitting. Once the cold takes a grip, we’ll pick a rendezvous and meet there directly. Wednesday Coffee Clutches will change venues to our winter location for 1 p.m. as of Wednesday, November 11th. The section endorsed the idea of inviting a few notable non-members to our Christmas meeting Thursday, December 3 to share in our annual finger food platters. Oh! members are asked to let Dale know if they plan to attend the December meeting so we have an idea of how much food to order. Some highlights of the round table discussion sees Chris C. warning of the implications of using cheap chains. The chain installed on his gorgeous Ducati GT860 by the previous owner was so cheap that it quickly failed and took the sprockets with it. Rene’s Tennessee vacation had its moments with stale gas and a stuck tickler on his Norton. Rerouting and lubricating the cables on his Honda 750SS relieved its stickiness and found Darcey falling in love with his machine once again (and Darcey’s wife Kelly has puppies). Brian is almost finished sorting out the issues on his ‘65 Bonneville while Mike G. will be spending some winter moments teasing a Yamaha Twin Jet to life. Denis sold his KLR and picked up a ‘99 Triumph Trophy. Jim’s stator on his VTX packed it in and he’s a new grandpa. As the weather most of the past week was outstanding, our resident rocket scientist and electrical gremlin chaser, Kevin R. put almost a thousand trouble-free miles on his newly restored ‘73 Commando. Speaking of rocket science, Kevin will be conducting a rocket launch demo on Saturday November 28th (rain date next day) out Stoney Point way and has invited interested members to attend. Further info will arrive by email from Kev or Dale closer to launch. Rob D. has been in acquisition mode picking up a ‘71 Sportster and XS1100 Yamaha, the latter in need of considerable care. After the meeting Rob showed me the ruby red Sportster which has been most tastefully redone to resemble a late ‘50s early Sportster model. I actually fell in lust for a Harley – at least this one. Carl told us of a Maidstone powder coater name of Ron Ducharme. Now, Kev’ drew Jim’s ticket on the 50/50 and Jim redirected his winnings back to the section’s treasury: thanks Jim. So, see all of you Thursday, December 3rd and don’t forget to email Dale to say you’re coming. it’s been a slice. Cheers, Syd Girling



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