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Some twenty souls braved the above zero temperatures and gathered at Brews and Cues around seven pm in order to hear Dale slam down the gavel and open the meeting. Two intrepid riders showed up on their bikes: Mike T. rode his BMW and Mike G. his Laverda. When leaving,  I quizzed the latter about his choice of bike since I had fully expected him to prefer the warmth bellowing up from his BMW R 96 airheads to the frilly Laverda twin. He answered in his own inimitable manner that he had to rotate his rides to keep his stable happy! Who would have thunk! Kevin R. was already off to the Motorcycle Supershow with his two Nortons to be joined by Jim L. and Cyril B. Graham C. and Rick on Friday morning. From now until March breakfast meetings will be every other week and this Sunday January 10 we will gather at Roma’s in Amherstburg. However, we will continue to meet at Tim’s on Walker Road every Wednesday at 1:00 pm. The annual Stag organized by the Windsor Motorcycle Club will be held on Saturday January 30, 2016 at the Moose Lodge which is situated at 777 Tecumseh Road West. Dinner is served at 5:00 pm. Dale still has a few tickets left. For those of you who wish to show your bike Dale indicated that Kevin R. and Rob di R. will assist in hauling them with their trailers. We have $160 left in our bank account; the Xmas festivities cost a total of $449.25. Graham C. proffered a book for auction; the proceeds to go to the Group’s coffers. This collection of articles was authored by Bob Currie and entitled Great British Motorcycles from the 1950s and 1960s. Ron B. bid $27 and became the happy owner of said volume.Next Dale proceeded to the round-table discussion. Jim S. now has a new starter for his Honda VTX and he also found a lower insurance rate for his bike. Don C. and his dad are looking for a Norton and Bob B. has taken his BMW K75/ 3 apart so it can be rebuilt. Mike T. has put his  BMW R75 back on the road and taken the gearbox out of his R 100. It should be noted that Mike rides his BMW to work come rain or shine!Dave B. is finishing his 45 EL Knucklehead while Graham C. is continuing to work on his detailed and well researched articles on the world’s classic motorcycles for Motorcycle Mojo or Inside Motorcycles. Sandy C. is back from India and starting up her yoga classes again. The ever fastidious Carl K. is slowly but surely turning his Matchless G 80 into a show piece and I am sure we will be pleasantly surprised by the end result at next year’s Paris meeting. Mike G. is selling “stuff” on Ebay and Kijiji so if you see Essex show up in one of your searches it will probably be his ad. Adrian V. bought himself a Xmas present at a bargain price. Chapters was selling all hardcovers at 30% off so he picked up a copy of Ian Falloon’s The Complete Book of BMW Motorcycles. Unfortunately, Chapters did not have Falloon’s Ducati volume in stock otherwise he would have bought it as well but there’s always next year! Dale might be calling Dianne Gault for an appraisal of his BMW R 65 and find some more reasonable insurance rates. Finally, Jim McA. proudly showed off his new Triumph emblazoned T-shirt and announced to all and sundry that his spouse was responsible for the patch. Several members  clamoured for similar handy work but Jim remained uncommitted. Chris C. performed the 50/50 draw and it was won by Don C. who graciously returned the $20 to the Group’s coffers.

Our next meeting will be held on February 4, 2016.

As ever, your assiduous scribe, Adrian van den Hoven



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