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The weather was not co-operative on what may have been the last meeting attendees ride to. It was cold and rainy but 19 managed to get to the Brews & Cues.

We began the evening with a presentation from Dianne Gault who is a local appraiser. She has been in the business for 24 years and has caught the attention of our group. Insurance and appraisals seem to be a topic at every meeting and Dianne will certainly be getting some business from our section.

During the round table Rene, who was in an accident a couple of years ago on his Norton, told us the sad story of dealing with insurance and lawyers. His episode was compounded by the fact that he is a senior which eliminates some of the leverage that the victim has. It was stated that should you decide not to settle in the mediation process, you are in for a rough ride as the laws are against you no matter who is at fault.(Rene was not at fault. !00% on the person that hit him). Your only leg to stand on is loss of quality of life. You cannot claim pain and suffering as we don't have that in our system. You cannot claim lost wages as you are retired. Medical expenses are limited in most policies even though you have million dollar coverage you have to justify the need. If you have gone past mediation, no matter what the settlement, the lawyers get 30% plus costs and disbursements and you are responsible for court costs. It was a disheartening saga.

On a lighter note, Mike S has a closeout on leather jackets with a smattering of sizes. Gerry B still has his CBR 125 and Honda Rebel for sale at $2500 each. Jim L continues to work on his Triton and Norton. Kevin has been winterizing as have most of the members. Rob R has acquired an couple of 100+ cc enduros and is cleaning those up for pit bikes next year.(He is tired of walking to Moss's Corner.) Don H is considering Tri Spark for his Trident. Bruce D offered his sonic cleaner to anyone that might need it. Chris is getting his 860 Ducati ready for a safety for the new year. I continue to wrestle with the Commando. 

Bill F stopped by and had a question about how much rust on an old frame is too much. Good advice from Cyril was "when in doubt - cut it out!"

We again thanked Rob and Carrie for hosting the Chili Run and thanks for the food provided by several members. 

We planned our Christmas get-together for the December meeting which will have taken place when you read this.

The 50/50 was won by Cyril and he graciously returned it to the section coffers. Mike G won a book on classic British bikes that was donated by Jim L and I was the winner of a BSA jigsaw puzzle donated by Rene.

Still hoping for a few more good days to get some more rides in.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all.

Dale for Syd 

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