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Some twenty members showed up at the Brews and Cues to partake of some liquid refreshments and solid foods as well as to hear about other members’ projects. Dale opened the Round Table discussion by stating that seven regulars were missing because they had business elsewhere.Ted R. is in Denmark where he is attending the “Nimbus school.” I asked him on Facebook if he had seen my eponymous son in Copenhagen but he answered that it was raining so hard he could not tell. Carl K., George J., and Mike G., scurried off to Quebec and Eastern Ontario to go motorcycle “hunting.” Carl has come back with a 1965 Matchless G15 CSR 750 which is a hybrid (part Norton, part Matchless) and George bought a 150 cc Honda Benley for his wife. Charles F. Now has at least 600000 kms. on his BMW and he and Bob M., being members of the Iron Butt Association, decided to leave from Milton, Ont., to visit Nunavut and the Chisasibi First Nations reservation. They rode 1600 kms. in less than 24 hours. By the way Bob was on his 125 cc Honda!! Kevin R. now has his Honda 100 on the road and a handsome little bike it is; his Kawasaki is also nearly ready. Rob D. straightened out the forks of his daughter’s BMW 650 using Kevin’s 10 ton press but other problems have popped up. Peter F., yours truly, and Dale were there to provide assistance. Gerry D. is riding again now that his ankle is in better shape but Chris C.’s 860 Ducati is having clutch problems. Don H.’s Triumph stopped in Tilbury and it finally impelled him to buy a BMW K100 to console himself. Jim M. is sorting out the parts for his Kawasaki 600 and Jim L.’ Commando’s carb worked itself loose but soon his bike will be festooned with new LED lights front and rear which came all the way from China. Len B., a new member, has installed new Amal’s carbs on his ’72 Norton. It should be noted that Len won first 1 prize at the British Car and Bike show at Heritage Village. Dave B. Found new parts for his bike and last Wednesday Dennis H. removed his BMW’s rear end and gear box so that he could grease the splines. Yours truly and Mike T. (who knows BMW’s inside out) were in attendance to help out. After replacing several seals and inspecting umpteen parts, we stopped because Dennis has to order now bolts before he re-assembles the bike. Peter F. is overjoyed because his Yamaha 650 now runs and Syd G. had a broad smile on his face because this was the first time he had his 1975 Goldwing out! Another new member showed up on his ’83 Virago 750, to wit Ricardo R. who had seen our display at Leamington’s “Hogs for Hospice.” He brought along his friend Steven C.who rides a 2000 Kawasaki Ninja 250. If the latter also decides to become a member, the average age of the section members will drop by another ten years!! Chris C. won the 50/50 draw and graciously returned it to the section’s coffers. As per usual, Dale has already posted a summary of past events and new business on our website but it is noteworthy that our section has been getting great exposure lately. We had 26 bikes at the British Car and Bikes show (and obviously that does not include my ’73 MG Midget!). At Cars Gone Crazy in Amherstburg we showed 13 bikes and at Hogs for Hospice 21 bikes were registered. As well more than forty members will be attending the barbeque at Carl’s place and this will include guests from London as well as Bo G. from Princeton. And it looks like September is already fully booked. Jim M. is offering to have a barbeque at his domicile on Sept. 4; “Wheels on Wyandotte” will take place on Sept.10; “Get to the Point” will occur on Sept. 25 and London’s section president Bill F. is proposing a get-together with the Essex-Kent section in late September at RM, Blenheim.

Your (as always) intrepid scribe,

Adrian van den Hoven




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