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Thursday, July 3rd saw a dozen motorcycles and twenty-four enthusiastic members in attendance at our monthly section session. Dale welcomed a couple of guests: Bill Flavin from London and freelance magazine writer Graham Clayton to our soiree. Going around the table, Adrian reported on his European Odyssey with the observation of lots of Piaggio MP3 three wheeled scooters in Paris (can ride without a motorcycle licence); Rene has hooked up his oil tank on the Norton; Carl, Concours winner at Paris (this one in Ontario) with his Matchless scrambler, came sans ponytail; Chris is still selling his Monster (which has been subsequently sold to Rob D.); Jim attended Port Dover and also showed up with shorn locks; Rob D. has had good results with his new ultrasonic cleaner; Bob M. will be a guest speaker at the Mid Ohio Rally on the Iron Butt Association; Jim L. has new tires in anticipation of his upcoming ride to Colorado; Dennis recounted his attendance at the R90S Rally in Pennsylvania; Gerry B. has a couple of Honda bikes for sale – a Rebel and CBR125R (contact george.burleigh@cogeco.ca); Rob R. will be wending his way out to the Left Coast and back for a month; brother Kevin R. has been busy doing repairs to his motorhome and attending the Shannonville Quinte TT and the Norton Owner’s Rally. Bill will be attending the upcoming VRRA event at Grand Bend in a couple of weeks; Ted related the sorry saga of his knackered Nimbus nuts temporarily preventing him from riding until new manifold nuts arrive from Denmark; Laverda Mike G. has pulled out his Trident in preparation for the British-only Day at Heritage Village on the 20th; Jimmy Mac has been getting a move-on on his Yamaha cafe project; and Dale is making steady progress on his Commando. Lots going on!


E&K section events include Sunday breakfast runs on July 6, and 20, and August 3; VRRA races in Grand Bend the weekend of July 18 to 20; a vintage ride-in to Grand Bend on Sunday the 20th (unrelated to VRRA event); the only and all-British Day at Heritage Village on Arner Town Line on July 20 from 9 until 2 p.m.; flat track racing at the Leamington Fairgrounds on the 19th and Wheatley on the 20th; and a plethora of U.S. events one can access via Cyclefish if interested. In fact, July 20 seems to be the apex for cycling events for the season. We keep getting great turnouts for ourWednesday Coffee Clutch and Ride at Tim Horton’s on Walker Road and Talbot Road North meeting at 1 p.m. Our annual section Joli-que BBQ is slated for Saturday July 26 at Paul’s cottage at Rochester Place (Juniper Street, St. Joachim) at 1 p.m. Same day, there is a tentative plan for a Breakfast Meet-in-the-Middle with London section members at 10 a.m. in the morning in Thamesville, riding to Lighthouse Cove for lunch and hopefully some of the London members can join us for kabobs and sausages at Paul’s place later. Dale will provide further details closer to the event by email.September 28th has been chosen for the Essex-Kent section’s inaugural BIKES IN THE ‘BURG informal ride-in inviting all vintage enthusiasts to come to show off their vintage rides on Amherstburg’s historic Dalhousie Street. And just yesterday, Wednesday the 9th, we met with a representative of the Maidstone Historical Society to organize a vintage motorcycle ride-in at their facility for Saturday, September 13th. Stay tuned for more details. Jimmy Mac won the draw and graciously donated into the kitty. Thanks Jim. To add to the draw and the section kitty, Rene donated a Chilton Motorcycle Handbook won by Mr. Iron Butt himself, Bob M. Thank you Rene. See you at the next meeting on Thursday August 7 at the Brews and Cues: same bat time same bat channel. 

Cheers, Syd

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