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An uncharacteristically warm November evening of the 3rd saw 10 motorcycles in the parking lot and 28 members assembled in our newly renovated digs at the Brews and Ques. Regular scribe Adrian is off giving a paper down south so I’ve been given the responsibility this month of filling the gap. Member events include Sunday breakfasts on the 6th and 20th of November while December’s will be on the 4th and 18th. Dale will provide further details in his weekly email member updates. For our Wednesday Coffee Clutches meeting at 11 a.m., it was decided to stay at the Essex Bypass Tim Horton’s as the one at Walker and North Talbot was renovated and its new layout does not encourage large groups. The January Motorcycle Supershow in Mississauga will be between the 6th and 8th of January and some may be looking to drive up on the Friday as in previous years. Our V/P George and wife Jen, gave a presentation on the section’s new Facebook page and encouraged attending members to sign up, as well as discussing possible ways of section fundraising. A silent auction of items donated by members is another of George’s fundraising ideas and had its inauguration at the meeting. Thank you Steve B. for the BMW model. Carl, our events promoter, provided a calendar handout of our 2017 events, known so far. Rob D. followed with a presentation on motorcycles and the Highway Traffic Act, as well as changes to safety certification which came about October 2016. Kevin followed with a brief discussion of the uses of dialectric grease, at least in motorcycle applications. There was a motion put forward, seconded and passed that members would donate $5 each for the Christmas munchies at our December meeting on the 1st. Dale P. and spouse Jan have decided to step down as section President and Treasurer, respectively as of the end of December. Current V/P George and his spouse Jen have put their names forward as prospective replacements beginning in January 2017. I’m sure we all want to thank Dale and Jan for their hard work over the past 5 years that has seen the section rise like the Phoenix out of the ashes to its current success. Speaking of hard work, George, Jen, Carl and Rob should be applauded for their informative meeting presentations. And George won the 50/50, turning over his share to the section’s use. Thanks once again George. Look forward to seeing everyone on the 1st of December at the Brews and Ques for our Yuletide meeting.

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