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April’s meeting on Thursday the 2nd at the Brews and Cues saw 24 enthusiastic members show up despite the rain – Mike T. even rode his R75 Beemer. It was good to see Brian Coombe and Don Henshaw out once again after a lengthy hiatus. And new member Brian Scott was introduced and his night made worthwhile winning the 50/50 draw. With the temperatures starting to ramp up, so too are members’ activities: riding and wrenching. Among the highlights, Kevin just picked up a jigsaw puzzle ‘38 Norton Model 18 - assembly required – to accompany his pristine, just-completed ‘73 Commando and his 916. Don told us about a search engine he’s used called Search Tempest that can bring up bikes for sale within pre-set distance parameters. And Jim will be trying to start his own Commando with the high compression pistons while Dale sorts out his own Commando issues one by one. (has this suddenly become a Norton Owner’s Club?). Several other members reported getting their bikes started or safe-tied or repaired or getting pieces to finish them off. And some are NOT Nortons.

In terms of April section activities, Sunday Breakfast Meets will include the Bob Williams Ride assembling at the Husky service station on the 12th at 10 a.m. (might want to get there a bit earlier for a seat), and on the 19th and May 3rd (meet at the Essex Bypass Timmy’s at 9:00 a.m.). Dale went over several events happening Stateside and mentioned the CVMG swap meet on the 25th at the Paris Fairgrounds. Also we can’t forget our well-attended Weekly Wednesday Coffee Clutches at the Timmy’s on Walker and North Talbot at one-ish.

Under New Business, Carl’s hosted section bar-b-que – the Coty-Q – has been nailed down for August 9. Our section ride committee (the Robs and Kevin) has put together some proposals for a future five day ride around a lake (most likely Huron) and is seeking interested parties and input. Pre-registration for the Paris Rally, June 19th to 21st, ends April 30. Register on-line or email Dale to get registered and save a few shekels. To be discussed, our Bikes in the Burg in late September may head to Stoney Point on Lake St. Clair at the Sportsman’s Club . Kevin brought up an interesting point about insuring your vintage bike. If you choose regular insurance without an appraisal, have an accident and the bike’s a write-off, the compensation may be close to nothing due to the bike’s age. Something to think about. Next meeting will be seven-ish, Thursday, May 7th at the Brews and Cues. Hopefully see a parking lot full of vintage machinery? 


Syd Girling      


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