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What does it cost to attend the Rally?

Registration at the event is $35 for members and $45 for non-members. However you can save money by registering early as follows:
 Member non-Member
 Online Paper
 Early Registration
Jan 1 - April 30
$20 $35 ✔︎
May 1 - 31
$45  ✔︎  
 Late Registration
June 1 - June 14
 Registration at Rally
$30 $45    
 Day Pass at gate
$10 $10
As a CVMG Member, you can save money by adding your spouse as an Associate member for just 5 dollars a year.

I need to get into the Rally site early to setup

Entry to the Rally site starts at noon Friday, once registration opens in the Main Hall.  If you have pre-registered, you can enter the site at 9AM Friday.

How do I pre-register?

Click here to pre-register for the Rally.

Is this rally child-friendly?

Yes this is a family event – rules of conduct are enforced, bad behavior will not be tolerated.

Do I have to pay for my kids?

No.  Children under 18 accompanying an adult get in free but still must be registered and will be required to wear the wrist band.

Can I bring a dog?

Yes, as long as it is well behaved and kept on a leash at all times. 

What are the rules of conduct?

Every Rally participant, including volunteers, committee members, campers and visitors deserves to be treated with respect.  No one should ever be subjected to verbal or physical abuse. Racism, prejudice, rude or drunken behavior will not be tolerated. The Rally Committee, in its sole discretion, will deal with such incidents as required in order to provide a safe and pleasant environment for all.

Click here to see the rules.

Can I bring my bike in and put a for-sale sign on it?

Yes, if you are registered as a Rally participant.

Can I bring my bike in if I pay for a day pass at the gate?

No.  The day visitor gate fee is for personal entry only.

What happens on Friday?

The rally starts at noon Friday and runs until Sunday afternoon.  There's plenty to do, click here to check the schedule.

Is the swap meet going on at the same time as the Rally?


What day is the best time to come for the swap meet?

Friday noon, Saturday and Sunday morning.

Will there be parts for my 1949 Indian?

Only if someone has them for sale.

I am a vendor. Do I have to register my helper as a Rally participant?

Yes, if the helper is staying on site.  Everyone must be registered. If your helpers are staying off site then they can come in for the day by paying the day visitor gate fee each day when the gate opens and must leave the site that evening. (Note: Day Gate opens at noon on Friday, 8 AM Saturday and Sunday)

I have a food truck.  Can I put it on the Rally site and sell food?

Food sales are restricted to the pre-approved food vendors on site.  For further information on becoming a food vendor, please contact parisrally@cvmg.ca.

I understand there is a horse track.  Can I ride my bike on it?

No, No, No riding on the track. And while I am at it no stunt riding on the Rally site

I need a CPAP to sleep, can I plug it in if I'm camping?

There are limited electrical outlets. Please reserve one by emailing parisrally@cvmg.ca

I would like to stay for the dinner Saturday. Can I get a vegetarian meal?

As long as you let us know ahead of time. Please indicate it on your registration, email parisrally@cvmg.ca, or at the very least let someone know when you are picking up your registration pack, in time for the chef to prepare it.

If I pre-register and can not come to the Rally can I get my money back?

No refunds for rally registrations. Dinner tickets are non-refundable as well but you can request to have these be given to someone else. Rally T-shirts are set aside and you can make arrangements to pick it up or have them mailed.

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