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L'Association Canadienne de Motos Anciennes

CVMG National Executive Committee - 2014 

Voting Members:

Jim Briggs – President (e-mail president@cvmg.ca)

John Tankard – Vice President (e-mail vicepresident@cvmg.ca)

Anthony Petti – Correspondence Secretary (e-mail secretary@cvmg.ca)

Betty Anne Clark – Membership Secretary (e-mail membership@cvmg.ca)

Alison Green – Treasurer (e-mail treasurer@cvmg.ca)

John Pepper – Newsletter Editor (e-mail newseditor@cvmg.ca)

Laurie Mills – Director (e-mail director_o@cvmg.ca)

Wayne Spears – Director (e-mail director_e@cvmg.ca)

Robbie Wilson – Regalia Sales (e-mail regalia@cvmg.ca)


Non-voting members:

Bill Hoar - Past President (e-mail pastpresident@cvmg.ca)

April Spears – Paris National Rally Chair

Neville Miller - Competition Chair

VACANT – Chief Judge

Rod Sheridan – Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Museum


Bios and pictures below:


President - Jim Briggs, NORAL Section


Growing up, no one I knew had motorcycles, or ever expressed an interest in them. It wasn’t until I was about 12-years of age that I got my first ride. It was on the back of a step-through Honda belonging to a friend’s older brother. From that day on, motorcycles were my focus. But why did I have such a strong reaction from a Honda 50?

Back in the spring of ’44 my dad was in the Army. Unknown to me until my teen years, he’d been issued a motorcycle. But a slip on some sand led to a tumble as his Indian went down, leaving him with a broken shoulder. Sent home to convalesce, he was in my grandfather’s store one morning when a gentleman came in & spotted the injured soldier. He insisted the recuperating officer come to his home for dinner, neglecting to mention his two daughters. That September my parents were married & one result of this union was me.

Without that Indian, my mother & father may not have met. So clearly, my debt to motorcycles & my subsequent appreciation for them was firmly established before I ever came into this world… & I’ve never met one I didn’t like!


Vice President - John Tankard, Keystone Section

John has been a member of the CVMG Keystone section since 1995.  Prior to being Vice President, he was regalia sales coordinator for several years.  A life long aficionado,  he has been on the executive of other racing and advocacy motorcycle groups.   In the past two years his vision has diminished, but his enthusiasm for vintage motorcycles continue strong. John and his wife Lilian live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, close to their two children and three grandchildren.

Correspondence Secretary - Anthony Petti, Kitchener

anthony petti.jpg

It was only a short ride on a friends dirt bike in the neighbourhood park, but I was hooked! Nothing could compare to that feeling of being propelled solely by my right hand!  My parents didn't share my passion, so it wasn't until my early twenties where I was rekindled with motorcycles again and I have been riding rain or shine ever since.  I found the CVMG in 2002 through the purchase of my Bonneville and soon formed great friendships within my Kitchener section.  I was invited to join the National Executive in late 2005.

Membership Secretary - Betty Anne Clark, Old Fort York


Betty Anne became interested in motorcycles in her early teens having seen a photo of her Dad on an old Indian and then meeting a fellow with a Marusho.  In 1962, she became the proud owner of a Mobylette Moped and has been interested in vintage machines ever since, both riding them and “wrenching” them.  She retired in April of 2006 but continues to do part-time work as a consultant in the health care sector. Betty Anne has been very involved in the motorcycle community since the early eighties working on a number of groups and committees, is past chair of Ontario Roads Riders Association, and has held executive positions in a number of motorcycle clubs.  With a working garage that includes a motorcycle hoist, air compressor, parts washer and too many tools to mention she is the envy of her neighbours and a few CVMG members as well.   She was introduced to the CVMG by an avid member and since joining has been active with the Paris Rally and most recently volunteered to take on the role of Membership Secretary and tackle the challenge of our new on-line membership database.

 Treasurer - Alison Green, Nickle Belt Section

" When passion is the motivation, and reason takes care of the details, we have a chance to experience the exhilaration of truly living..."

This quote is from Dr. Barnes, Motorcycle Consumer News and I am doing my best to follow this advice.  Between motorcycles, horses, and being active outdoors, my life is full and rewarding.  Next year will mark the 40th anniversary of my first BMW,  which is still going strong and remains a very comfortable and reliable ride.

After three years at the helm of the CVMG NEWS, I am now launched on a new learning curve called 'Treasurer'  of the CVMG.  Life without learning is flat - but I sometimes wish the hills weren't so high!  With a bit of luck and some help from our terrific executive, I will do my best to keep all things financial in proper order.  I also hope to meet many old acquaintances again this year and to make many more new friends within the CVMG.

Newsletter Editor - John Pepper - Great Pine Ridge Section


John was born in Ireland and learned the fine art of off-roading on a stripped-down Norman-Villiers given to him by his father at age 12. By the time John was fifteen (pre-licence) he was getting up before dawn to ride his first road bike (a 1966 Honda Benly 154) before the local police sergeant would be likely to be awake! John now lives in Toronto and rides a 1956 Norton ES2 and a 2005 Ducati ST3. John's last big ride was to Utah and Arizona with his wife Angela. Before that he rode from Toronto to Newfoundland on his Norton. Check out John's website at http://john-pepper.spaces.live.com. Prior to taking on the editorship John has contributed a number of travel and other motorcycling articles to the CVMG News. 

 Director - Laurie Mills, Rocky Mountain Section

Director - Wayne Spears - Kitchener Section

Wayne is an active member of his section and a long time supporter of all things related to the CVMG.  He has served as Director before and was instrumental in helping to make our organization a truely  National one.


Wayne loves to take his Triumph Tiger to shows and events and spends a great deal of time letting "little" folks sit on the bike.  This brings many smiles and also helps to encourage both young and old to support our CVMG aims and objectives.


Wayne can be found at many events handing out information about our Paris national Rally and also encouraging folks to join the CVMG. 



Regalia Sales - Robbie Wilson, London Section

I grew up in Ireland and always wanted a bike but a strict "over my dead body" attitude persisted with my parents until the wall came down when I was 16 and a C50 Honda became my first.  I went everywhere on it, on roads, in fields through hedges into fields from the roads.  I then tried about every motorcycle I could get my hands on especially two strokes, eventually ending up with a new Suzuki GS750ES.  It lasted 6 weeks until a drunk driver decided I was taking up to much of the road and 3 weeks in intensive care and 6 months on crutches put paid to that.
Eventually got back into it on August 02 1985.  How do I remember that date so well?  I was married on the 3rd of August 1985.  My wife to be the next day went with me to pick up my then dream bike, the RG500 Suzuki.  It stayed for a few years until family commitments became too much and the two-wheeler had to go, to make way for a couple of new two-leggers.
I had several bikes including a couple of Honda CBR600's and a real fixer upper of a GT750, my first restoration.  Sold it for about $150 bucks more than I paid for it, but put $500 into it.  My first experience of the old restoration saying "How do you make a small fortune from restoring motorcycles?  Start with a large fortune."
We moved to Ontario Canada in 2000 and have been in Fergus ever since.  Still looking for the fortune to help with the restorations, but to no avail.  Current bikes in various levels are an 1986 RG500 Suzuki, finished and being really enjoyed, a 82 Honda CB900F (with electrical issues, not being enjoyed) and a 1974 GT550 Suzuki.


Paris National Rally Chair - April Spears, Kitchener Section

When I was fourteen I read an article in Teen Magazine – everything you needed to know about getting into a sports car gracefully while wearing a miniskirt”.  I practiced this “skill” until I was confident that when I met my boyfriend I would have no issues with the skirt /sports car.  Unfortunately, there were two things I never considered:

  • My mother was not going to let me wear a miniskirt, and
  • My future husband rode up on a Yamaha 650 Maxim.

Here we are years later and since then  I've traded the miniskirt for chaps.  Still no sports car but I do own a 1985 Yamaha Virago and sometimes it’s not that graceful.

 I have been a committee member for many years and have been fortunate enough to work with many great people.  As the Paris Rally Chairperson, I look forward to another wonderful year and am especially looking forward to meeting friends - both old and new!

Competition Chair - Neville Miller, Ottawa


Neville web size.jpg

From the age of 11, after my first ride on the pillion of my brother’s ex-army G3L Matchless, I’ve been hooked on motorcycles.  I began riding legally as soon as I turned 16 on a BSA Bantam.  After I passed my driving test, I bought a Velocette MAC, on which I rode about 100,000 miles in various guises during the 1970s in England.  My competition career started with a season of sidecar racing in 1975 on an uncompetitive Triumph outfit.  I was the one ‘in the chair’.  In 1978 I took up vintage racing with the VMCC and had a lot of fun over the next five years at the various circuits around England on a 1938 Velocette MSS.  Soon after arriving in Canada in October 1982, I discovered the fledgling CVMG and started attending the monthly meetings of the Ottawa section.  I am also an active member of the sister organization, the VRRA (Vintage Road Racing Association).  I’ve even had a go at trials riding at some of the Eastern Ontario events.  In recent years I have bought three ‘cammy’ Velos, the earliest of which I have rebuilt as a replica of the bike Alec Bennett rode to win the 1928 Junior TT in the Isle of Man.



Chief Judge - VACANT


CVMM Representative - Rod Sheridan, Great Pine Ridge 


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