Honda Canada History: Almost FIFTY YEARS.

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  • 23 Nov 2018 8:18 PM
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    That's where organizations like the CVMG step in ! Look at Al's Honda recollections.

    Most large companies only care about the bottom line . They will only stir any interest in their history to further present sales.

    Polaris is very quick to claim all that  REAL Indian history and triumphs which they had nothing to do with to help sell their new stuff.

    When Harley built their museum they had very few really important  early racers and had to shell out big time for bikes of questionable provenance. I doubt if their late to the game  "discovery" of their history will help new sales .

     I heard that even Honda had to pay large to repatriate that 250 six from Canada for their museum in Japan. Maybe that story is too embarrassing to document . 

  • 24 Nov 2018 8:19 PM
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    I came to Canada from the USA in late 62 and Derick Brown on Bloor street "Toronto Honda Ducati" took me in as an employee. Since I rode my race bike 500cc Triton with sidecar up I needed transport Derick had a Honda dream in boxes in the basement. The deal was if I could put it together I could ride; It was a Dry Sump model and was missing the interior shifter fork, since it was not available I made one up which worked well, Derick sold it withing the week and loaned me a NSU Sportmax instead.

    My Guess as to the later entry date would be about Official opening, not counting the getting started period.  

  • 01 Jan 2019 4:26 PM
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    John wrote:

    Barry....... interesting comment. I remember seeing the little S600 sports car in Toronto, and a few step thru’ Hondas as well. Definitely before 1969. I wonder why Honda lists their start as 1969? Perhaps it was the first time they had a head office in Canada? Anyone else shed any light? Thanks, John D.

    Yes, I remember the S600 well. A friend of mine, the owner of Julian Cycle (also known as Honda Specialty) in London owned one which I drove and serviced. I even did a rebuild during the winter in their back lot.

    It was not the best car around but good for the time. It was certainly the only thing on the road that would wind up to 10,000 rpm. People noticed when you did that!

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