Pic 1 - Gill, Curt, Dave, Rolf, Bob, Steve    pic 2 - Rick, Curt, Dave, Rolf, Bob & Steve     pic 3 - Dave  D.N.F.


TEMPERATURE  12 Degrees,    April 28th  11:00 hrs am to  16:00 hrs............  Let's Ride Boys!

GREAT FUN HAD BY ALL....GREAT  Food +   Cold Canada Dry POP!!!



pic 4 - Rides await,     pic 5 - Road Captain Bob,  Brings down Parameters For Ride    pic 6 - Post Wobble Picture


(pic 6 - Steve, Gill, Curtis, Dave E. , Rolf, Gavin, Bob and  Rick watching for UFO's)


pic 4 & 5 - LAKEPORT ONTARIO, waterside,  Waiting For Steve during HIGH SPEED Wobble Event!!!

      Patience  Boys  Please I ask!!  You left me to fend for Myself roadside, Ah but Gavin Came thru.......LOL

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