CVMG is currently unable to accept payment from your credit card or PayPal.

If you made a payment to us before April 21, then this doesn't apply to you.

This applies to payments for memberships, event registrations or regalia.  You still have the choice of paying by cheque, simply write the CVMG invoice number on the cheque so we know you have paid.

Thank you for your patience as we resolve this issue.  Please check back here to receive updates, or email

The problem: as of April 21, any payments to CVMG by credit card or PayPal account are being refused.  We are working with our payments processor to resolve the issue quickly and accurately.

Those affected: Anyone paying electronically for:

- membership applications or renewals

- paid event registrations on CVMG's website, such as Paris Rally pre-registrations

- regalia orders

- advertising or other miscellaneous invoices

Expected Resolution: As of April 22, a resolution date is undetermined.

Specifics:  Orders can still be completed for each of the affected areas listed above.  At the completion of the order, an invoice will be generated.  The invoice will remain unpaid until electronic payments are again accepted, or the invoice is paid by cheque mailed to the appropriate CVMG representative.

Anyone logging into their CVMG account will see an unpaid invoice reminder each time they login.  Please do not attempt to pay the invoice electronically until this problem is fixed.

last updated: April 22, 2019


New or renewing members will be treated as Full Members, even if their renewal date has passed without payment.

Click here to see details about paying memberships by cheque.


Anyone successfully registering for a paid event on CVMG will be welcome at that event.  We may ask for payment when you pick up your registration.

Click here to see details about paying for Paris Rally pre-registrations by cheque, click here.


You can still shop and pay at CVMG's online apparel store, as normal.

Buying regalia will follow the normal directions available by clicking here (payment by cheque is information is also included).


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