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To some of us using a website seems easy, for those who don't use the site very often it can be frustrating, especially if you are having trouble logging into the system.

A few things come up all the time.

  • Not seeing something in the "Menu Bar" on the left side of the page.  Before asking the question, be sure to look for a "Scroll Bar" on your browser as not all of the site is visible when it loads. You may need to scroll down to see more.
  • Trying to answer a "Forum" post and get a message that " do not have a valid membership"  - check the upper right corner of the web page to see that you are logged onto the site.  Only current members who are logged on to the site can respond to the "Forum"

Also, when you place your cursor over the "Menu Bar" you will see the sub-menus available.

  • If you can't see "Members Only" in the menu bar, check that you are logged in (click here for help)  

If you have a question or a topic you would like covered, please e-mail

We will put the topic on the site and do our best to assist you.  In the end, it will benefit everyone as your topic or question and answer can be added to the "HELP How To" section for others having the same problem.

Items found on this Help Page:


    You need to be logged-in to this website to see CVMG News and the Members Only sections, or to create buy and sell advertising, or to participate in forums.

    Look in the upper right corner of this page

    Does it look like this?

    If it does, you need to log in

    As a CVMG member, you have a member profile that includes an email address you gave us when you registered.  If you are not a CVMG member, you can go here to sign up and create a profile.

    To login, enter the full email address and password from your member profile in the upper right corner of this screen,  If you are using your home PC, click 'Remember Me' to stay logged-in the next time you visit the site.

    The login information should now look like this

    Click Login

    The login will look like this

    You will be taken to a members-only home page containing information of interest to members.  From there, you can now access all member areas of this site.

Forgot your login password?

 click Forgot Password in the upper right corner of this screen.  We will immediately send an email to the email address in your profile.  Click on the link in the email to reset your password.  Click here to see more information on password requirements.

If you don't receive an email:

- check the SPAM or Junk mail folders, it may have gone there

- make sure you are checking the email id registered in your member profile

- Contact if you are still having problems

Forgot the email address in your member profile?

- Send an email to have your email id sent to you.


View Profile:

You must be logged onto the system to see this option. 

Your name, "View Profile" and "Change Password" can be seen in the upper right corner of your screen.  Under "View Profile" you can renew or change your membership level,  "Edit" your information on your member profile page, change your privacy settings, e-mail notification settings and create a photo album. 

See specific topics as they are posted on the "How To" page.


Buy and Sell:

You can view the Buy and Sell page without being a member.  In order to post an item for sale or wanted, you must be a member and logged into the system.  The "How To" page contains more information on posting in the Buy and Sell.


Posting Photos

You can post photos on the website if you are logged on as a member.

They can be posted in 2 ways:

  1. directly in an album associated with your profile, which can be seen if people click on your name. or
  2. they can be posted on an external site, but links will show them on the CVMG Website. This is especially useful for photos associated with Buy and Sell, or forum or blog entries.

See the "How To" for details on posting a photo with your Buy / Sell item.


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